My First Time - Chiropractor

As a mother of four, I’m used to lugging around kids, strollers, toys, changes of clothes, the dog and pretty much anything else. This has gone on for over a dozen years without incident. Then, a year ago, I bent down to pick up Max, my toddler, and got a sharp shooting pain from my back down to my feet. I could barely stand back up. My husband left work to take me to the Doctor and they recommended staying off my feet for a week. As if. Anyone with four kids knows that’s not an option. Not that I wouldn’t want to spend a week resting, catching up on the world and watching waves crashing on the shore, but who would chase the four hellions. After Day One, listening to the kids run my mother ragged, I took the advice of one of my girlfriends. She said, “Go to a chiropractor, Lucille”. I was hesitant at first, with the same doubts that I’m sure others share. Are they real doctors, what is involved, how long will this take and will it help? It’s my back.

Since the pain wasn’t going away and my kids haven’t disappeared I figured I had to try.

I set an appointment with her chiropractor Dr Pete. Is that a requirement of chiropractors to be called by their first name? Sarcasm aside, I followed the nurse into one of the treatment rooms. A few minutes later Dr Pete came in and talked to me about the spine, correct alignment and how chiropractors can help. At this point I was willing to try anything.

I lay down on the table on my stomach as he began to feel around my back. Apparently my spine became misaligned and he was going to adjust it. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one hesitant to let a guy who goes by Dr Pete adjust anything close to my spine but I was stuck. Nothing was helping, I was in pain and my mother had written me out of the will. He worked his way down from the top of my neck to the end of my spine gently cracking my back. This took close to 20 minutes and by the time he was done I felt some relief. Not a miracle cure but I could walk to the car without pain. I expressed my sincere gratitude and received I guess what is the typical chiropractor sign off, a hug.

He recommended visits twice a week until I was completely out of distress. I hesitated. But the pain wasn’t quite gone and he’d gotten me this far… I continued for a few more weeks then tapered them off to once a week, once a month and done.

I’ve had a few tweaks and gone back for general maintenance. What would help me the most would be a robot that worked all day at scooping up toys.


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